About Us

Meet The Founders: Pejman Zare (the founder and CEO) and Zac Mostame (the co-founder).

Our dream was to bring together the luxury and efficiency of the virtual world with the beauty and sophistication of real luxury products.

Luxury fashion hugely inspired us as we traveled around the world - it's amazing what can be done to create unique styles that are also accessible for everyone.

We discovered a gap on the market while looking for elegant suede products. Most phone cases and accessories lacked style and sophistication, so we decided to design luxurious yet functional accessories. Our goal was to create phone cover and accessories that was eco-friendly, stylish, and of the highest quality.

Our enthusiasm for high-end sports cars introduced us to Alcantara, high quality Italian fabric that has the textile feel and look of suede. That was the eureka moment for us. We fell in love with Alcantara’s soft and buttery texture, stain resistance, and durability. It is also carbon-neutral and vegan — perfectly aligned with our mission for sustainability and our love of nature!

We want people to use our products not only as a stylish phone accessory, but as a reminder of how we can take care of our beautiful planet in every way. We strive to be more mindful about our ecological footprint without compromising quality and style.