About Us

In 2021, visionary CEO Pejman Zare and co-founder Zac Mostame embarked on a journey to redefine elegance and style in daily accessories. The story of Luriax began with a simple yet profound realization. One day, while seeking a suede product to complement his outfit—his shoes and belt were already in perfect harmony—Pejman noticed a glaring gap in the market. The phone cases and accessories available were either of low quality or lacked the style he desired. This sparked the idea of designing luxurious yet functional accessories, setting the stage for Luriax's creation.

Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to bring visions to reality. The name 'Luriax' itself is a testament to this mission. It blends 'lucid' and 'reality,' symbolizing our commitment to transforming visionary designs into tangible products. The 'x' in Luriax represents the intersection of concept and execution, adding a touch of sophistication to our brand.

Driven by our enthusiasm for high-end sports cars, we were familiar with Alcantara, a high-quality Italian fabric that mimics the luxurious feel of suede. Its soft and buttery texture, combined with its stain resistance and durability, made it the perfect material for our products. Moreover, Alcantara is carbon-neutral and vegan, aligning seamlessly with our values of sustainability and mindfulness towards the environment.

At Luriax, we build the highest quality phone cases that are not only protective and functional but also stylish. What began as a fashion statement has evolved into a mission-driven brand that ensures our products make a statement. Our accessories are designed to be more than just stylish additions to your wardrobe—they are reminders of how we can all be mindful about our environment and contribute positively to our world.

With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, elegance, and sustainability, Luriax continues to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. Join us in our journey to blend style with purpose, and let our accessories be a testament to your refined taste and eco-conscious mindset.