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Luriax accessories perfectly compliment sophisticated aesthetic. A luxurious premium material, Alcantara suede is durable, stain resistant, and eco-friendly. Our unique products instantly elevates the tactile feel of your phone and accessories, while performing as a statement piece.

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Alcantara Suede Luriax phone Case - Ferrari


Alcantara is a sophisticated synthetic fabric originating from Italy, renowned for its plush texture akin to suede. Not only does it exude luxury, but it also offers remarkable durability and stain resistance. Embraced by the automotive and fashion industries alike, Alcantara graces high-end car interiors and designer garments with its elegant appeal. Beyond aesthetics, it stands out for its ethical production, serving as a cruelty-free and eco-conscious alternative. For those seeking refinement without compromise, Alcantara presents an impeccable blend of style and sustainability.