The Material


Premium Quality Material 

Alcantara is an avant-garde material that has top-grade aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities rarely found in other materials. Elegant, comfortable, light-weight, strong and 100% carbon neutral, are qualities that make it our top choice.

This luxury fabric is manufactured by the Alcantara S.p.A company in Italy. This microfiber material consists of 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane. The touch of Alcantara feels like suede. It is a premium material which is durable, stain resistant and long lasting. 


Easy To Maintain

You may think handling and maintaining this top-grade material involves intricate care procedures. However, Alcantara is an easy to clean and maintain fabric that doesn’t absorb dirt and fluid. Also, non-porous nature makes it more resistant to food and liquid spills. This gives Alcantara stain-resistant properties and the ability to retain its color.


Soft and Premium Touch 

While being more light and durable than natural suede, Alcantara is still among the delicate fabrics. The sophisticated, scratch-proof, easy-to-clean, versatile, and 100% Carbon neutral material make it the top choice of many luxury brands. it has pleasantly soft to touch experience and a color that doesn’t easily fade away. It delivers an emotion of beauty. 


Not an Animal Product

Alcantara is a synthetic microfiber fabric that was developed in the 1970s. The product is made from a blend of polyurethane and polyester to make a soft-finished fabric ready to be used. This means that the product is non-animal and supports your love for animals.


Scratch and Fire-resistant Material

Along with the anti-fouling properties and durable character, Alcantara is also fire-resistant. These are the reasons it is a top choice for many luxury brands.


Provides A Perfect Grip

Due to its micro-fiber construction, there is a decrease in frictional resistance which in turn increases the tendency to offer a prefect grip while using your product.